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Telegraph: Nominet sues businessman over chief executive ‘libel’

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Nominet, the non-profit company in charge of Britain’s web address system, is suing one of its members for defamation over an online video that alleges its chief executive gave inaccurate evidence to an employment tribunal.

He is also a critic of Nominet’s plan to introduce a more costly new type of web address. It wants to sell “secure” web addresses ending in just “.uk” rather than “” or “”, but opponents including children’s charities have suggested the plan will not protect the public and will cost businesses more to operate online.

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Telegraph: Childrens charities oppose Nominet plan for ‘secure’ .uk web addresses

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Chris Williams writes in the Telegraph:

A children’s charities coalition, internet activists and businesses have lined up to criticise the plans by Nominet, the quango in charge of web addresses, to create a new “secure” area online for British businesses. Nominet wants to create a new class of web addresses ending in just “.uk”, to be sold alongside those with the more familiar “” suffix. It says websites with one of new addresses will be more secure for people browsing the web, because it will check their operators are based in Britain and have supplied real contact details.

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The Telegraph: Whitehall investigation over ‘FoI avoidance’ in Nominet emails

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The Head of the Civil Service has opened an investigation into allegations that officials in the Department for Business used personal email accounts in an attempt to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests.

Sir Bob Kerslake’s office said it would examine evidence that emerged during a recent Nominet employment tribunal and was obtained by The Daily Telegraph.

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