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The news reports below are an attempt to document the reactions to the Nominet .UK proposals worldwide.

Latest news regarding the .UK:

18/09/2014 – London Evening Standard: 40,000 sign up in the scramble for Dot London
18/09/2014 – Sys-Con: Mayor of London Champions New “Ground-Breaking” Dot London Domain Launch

<— Boris Johnson backs the launch of Dot London 18/09/2014 —>

18/09/2014 – V3: Amazon nabs .buy gTLD for $4.5m while .tech sells for $6.7m
18/09/2013 – LSE: CentralNic Group To Invest $1.5m In Company Acquiring New Top Level Domain
18/09/2014 – Toronto Star: Scotland could face a .problem
17/09/2014 – The Domains: .London, Has More Reserved Domains Than Registrations
17/09/2014 – Herald: Takeover collapses as firms disagree over price
16/09/2014 – Scotsman: Iomart down but not out after talks terminated
16/09/2014 – BBC News: Cinven drops takeover bid for web hosting firm Iomart
15/09/2014 – Host Europe Group: Group Statement Update

<— Cinven (Host Europe) buyout bid for Iomart (Easyspace) collapses  15/09/2014 —>

15/09/2014 – BNN: Virtual independence: Scotland’s domain suffix dilemma
13/09/2014 – Eurasia Review: Scotland Facing Fight For Domain Name
12/09/2014 – PC Pro: Westminster wins the .London battle
12/09/2014 – Advertise DN Blog: Will .CO.UK or .UK Domain Names Fall in Value?
12/09/2014 – Bloomberg: Scotland Faces Fight for Domain Name
12/09/2014 – Electronics Weekly: Scottish vote – has anyone considered the internet angle?
12/09/2014 – Chicago Tribune: Scotland faces domain name choice
12/09/2014 – Digital By Default: Should we expect a .scot domain name?

<— Scottish Independence Vote Week 12/09/2014 —>

11/09/2014 – The WHIR: 123-reg and Minds + Machines Collaborate to Promote .LONDON
11/09/2014 – Host Europe Group: introduce new initiatives for Dot London
10/09/2014 – DNW: .London close to 35,000 domain registrations after first day
08/09/2014 – Computer Business Review: .London domain names go up for grabs in the city
08/09/2014 – IT Pro Portal: Embracing a new domain

<— Dot London general availability 09/09/2014 —>

03/09/2014 – Barry & District: Travel domain to change
03/09/2014 – The Drum: Nearly two thirds of Scots agency bosses plan to vote no in Referendum
01/09/2014 – Herald Online: Leading Event Hire Company Secures Dot London Web Address
01/09/2014 – Golwg 360: Domains .cymru and .wales available to businesses

30/08/2014 – Wales Online: Clothing chain Cowbois signs up for Wales domain name
29/08/2014 – Nominet: .cymru and .wales now open for the first phase of applications
29/08/2014 – Nominet: Nominet takes another step to increase the security of the UK namespace
28/08/2014 – LSE: Minds + Machines Up As It Gets Ready For Several Domain Name Releases (.London)
28/08/2014 – Proactive Investors: Minds + Machines announces “general availability” launch dates (.London)
28/08/2014 – IT Pro: Nominet: Domain disputes down 17% in 2013
28/08/2014 – The Domains: Nominet Handles 674 Domain Complaints Down 17%
28/08/2014 – Nominet: 2013 in UK web domain disputes
27/08/2014 – Minds + Machines: Portfolio Launch and Distribution Channel Update (.London)
26/08/2014 – Wales Online: Welsh language website makes switch to
22/08/2014 – Wales Online: Traveline Cymru take-up new Welsh domain names
21/08/2014 – Nominet: Nominet to begin emailing .uk rights holders
21/08/2014 – 4traders:Portmeirion: Village adds its backing for .cymru
19/08/2013 – Wales Online: eCadets proud to be a Welsh company using .wales and .cymru domain names
18/08/2014 – Nominet: The countdown to .cymru and .wales begins following delegation
14/08/2014 – Wales Online: Welsh political leaders join forces in pledge to join .wales .cymru
13/08/2014 – Westmorland: Plans for a .cumbria domain are ‘underwhelming’, says leading hotelier
12/08/2014 – The Telegraph: A wee victory for proud Scots all over the world wide web
12/08/2014 – Heart Internet: Why we moved to .uk
11/08/2014 – Wales Online: Scarlets sign up as Founder Members to .cymru .wales
07/08/2014 – Wales Online: Welsh language & culture bodies who will switch to .cymru .wales
07/08/2014 – The Guardian: ‘We need the Mary Beard prize for women online’ Charles Leadbeater
06/08/2014 – The Telegraph: Scottish independence: the end for
04/08/2014 – Westmorland Gazette: Not such a dotty idea – call for Cumbria to have own domain name
03/08/2014 – The Telegraph: The internet is about to get a lot messier
01/08/2014 – Information Age: The changing domain landscape: five questions companies should be asking

27/07/2014 – Business Cornwall: MP calls for .cornwall domain
24/07/2014 – Interactive Investor: Will Cinven up bid for iomart?
24/07/2014 – BBC News: Web hosting firm Iomart rejects two takeover approaches
24/07/2014 – HEG: Host Europe Group statement

<— Host Europe Group (HEG) makes a bid for Iomart Group (Easyspace) 24/07/2014 —>

23/07/2014 – Host Review: Heart Internet Rebrands As DotUK
23/07/2014 – 1&1 UK: 1&1 Attends Founders Launch of .Wales and .Cymru
22/07/2014 – Nominet: Deadline for .wales and .cymru trademark registrations approaches
21/07/2014 – SW Evening Post: National Assembly joins dots on new .Wales/.Cymru internet domain name
21/07/2014 – Wales Online: Key Welsh public bodies announce plans to adopt .Wales
21/07/2014 – SW Evening Post: S4C one of the first to adopt Welsh domain name .cymru
21/07/2014 – BBC News: New groups sign up for Welsh domain names
21/07/2014 – Nominet: S4C, the National Assembly and Sport Wales get behind .cymru and .wales
16/07/2014 – Dot Scot: Any baby born in Scotland on July 15 gets a free .Scot domain
16/07/2014 – 123-reg: .UK roadshow – get expert advice for your online business
15/07/2014 – Heart Internet: We have made the move to

<— Host Europe Group (HEG) pushes .uk and .wales officially launched 15/07/2014 —>

15/07/2014 – Tech City News: New Digital Industries Minister role created in reshuffle
15/07/2014 – Oxford Mail: Wantage MP Ed Vaizey made Minister responsible for digital industries
15/07/2014 – The Drum: Ed Vaizey appointed minister for digital industries following cabinet reshuffle

<— Ed Vaizey MP appointed Minister for Digital Industries 15/07/2014 —>

15/07/2014 – Sky News: Dot Scot New Web Domain Is Launched
15/07/2014 – The Register: YES: Scotland declares independence…from the dot co dot uk empire
15/07/2014 – Scotsman: Sturgeon hails launch of ‘dot Scot’ online domain
15/07/2014 – Scotsman: Wonga review | dotscot domain
15/07/2014 – V3: DotScot launches pioneer .scot domains
15/07/2014 – BBC: New internet domain .scot launches
15/07/2014 – Dot Scot: New online identity for Scots across the globe launches today
13/07/2014 – Herald Scotland: Now Scotland gets its very own internet domain name

<— .scot is launched and press compare it to .uk launch  15/07/2014 —>

11/07/2014 – Gigaom: UK government denies receiving .io domain profits
03/07/2014 – DNW: 2nd level .UK domain name registrations top 100,000
03/07/2014 – V3: Apple, Starbucks and Debenhams among 100,000 to embrace .uk domain
03/07/2014 – Nominet: Popularity of UK domains grows – new .uk hits 100k within weeks of launch
03/07/2014 – Shorter .uk domains are growing
02/07/2014 – Denesh: Communication, perspective & meeting with Oliver Hope
30/06/2014 – MAA: Antonia Seymour of Nominet: what the new UK domain names mean for marketers
30/06/2014 – Telegraph: NHS scandal chiefs launch ‘reputation management’ firm
28/06/2014 – Edwin Hayward: How well are top websites making use of their new .uk domains?
27/06/2014 – DNS History: 7 days of .uk second level domain registrations
13/06/2014 – ITPro: Home addresses to be published online by .uk domain firm Nominet
13/06/2014 – V3: Rush for .uk domains shows digital economy is alive and kicking
12/06/2014 – BetaNews: .uk domain registrations exceed 50,000 on opening day
12/06/2014 – CBR: What Nominet’s new .uk domain rules mean for your online blog or business
12/06/2014 – Circle ID: 50K .uk Domains Registered on Opening Day, Nominet Reports
11/06/2014 – The Guardian: Nominet’s new rules on .uk domains could mean the end to users’ privacy
11/06/2014 – ITPro: .uk domain registrations top 50,000 on opening day
11/06/2014 – Nominet: .uk registrations surge to a record-breaking start
11/06/2014 – V3: Over 50,000 firms embrace .uk web domain including Sainsburys, Bentley and Burberry
10/06/2014 – B2B Marketing: .UK domain name launches
10/06/2014 – The Inquirer: Nominet launches ‘shorter, sharper’ .uk domain
10/06/2014 – Computer Weekly: Nominet makes .uk web domains generally available
10/06/2014 – PC Advisor: Short .uk web domains go live and on sale: Stephen Fry leads the way
10/06/2014 – Tech Week Europe: Nominet Officially Launches .Uk Top-Level Domains
10/06/2014 – The Drum: Stephen Fry, Martha Lane Fox and more celebrate launch of .UK domain names
10/06/2014 – Telegraph: Sale of ‘’ to set UK record as web firms shorten addresses
10/06/2014 – ITProPortal: .uk domain name finally launches, first site goes to Stephen Fry
10/06/2014 – iol: Now UK web users can ditch .co
10/06/2014 – Circle ID: Welcome to the .uk – Unless You’re Not in the UK
10/06/2014 – IT Pro: Nominet launches shorter .uk domain names
10/06/2014 – Telegraph: Dot-UK launch: why do we need new domain names?
10/06/2014 – Daily Mail: could fetch £10m as internet shake-up now allows users to drop
10/06/2014 – Daily Mail: Now web users can ditch
10/06/2014 – Independent: Stephen Fry becomes first Briton to switch to new ‘.uk’ web domain
10/06/2014 – City AM: Heathrow’s Hollywood sign to champion arrival of new domain
10/06/2014 – Telegraph: Stephen Fry is first Briton to switch to .uk domain

.UK Final Proposal News Reports:

05/06/2014 – EN: 10 things businesses need to know about the future of internet domains
02/06/2014 – EuroDNS: .UK domain opens for registration soon
30/05/2014 – Market Oracle: .UK Domains Do NOT Pre-order – Ignore 123-reg and others
23/05/2014 – Key-Systems: Registration of .UK domain names possible as of June 10
23/05/2014 – Realwire: Oliver Hope elected to Nominet Board
23/05/2014 – Sys-Con: Oliver Hope elected to Nominet Board
23/05/2014 – HEG: Oliver Hope Elected to Nominet Board
22/05/2014 – Michele Neylon: Nominet Elections – Big and Small Elected
22/05/2014 – Denesh Bhabuta: Nominet Board Election 2014 Results – A pleasant Surprise
22/05/2014 – Nominet: Update following AGM and Non-Executive Director election results
22/05/2014 – Denesh Bhabuta: My complaint to Nominet about AGM 2014 Elections
21/05/2014 – Oxford Mail: Emily Taylor (ex-Nominet) puts Lib Dem leader on the spot

<— Nominet AGM and board election in Oxford 21/05/2014 —>

19/05/2014 – Growth Business: .UK domains – What they mean for your business
18/05/2014 – Denesh Bhabuta: Nominet AGM 2014 Resolutions and Elections – My thoughts
17/05/2014 – Krystal Hosting: Nominet – An opaque oligarchy in the making?
16/05/2014 – Denesh Bhabuta: Nominet (Board Elections 2014) and Transparency?
15/05/2014 – Wales Online: Go-ahead given for Wales to have top level internet domain presence
14/05/2014 – IT Pro Portal: Nominet announces the launch of .cymru and .wales domains this autumn
14/05/2014 – IT Pro: Nominet announces availability of Welsh domains
14/05/2014 – Tech Week: Registration For ‘.Wales’ And ‘.Cymru’ Domains To Open In September
14/05/2014 – ITV: Welsh domain names to launch in September
13/05/2014 – Techie News: Wales set to get own domain name
13/05/2014 – V3: Welsh web domains .cymru and .wales get green light
12/05/2014 – Nominet: Nominet confirms launch of .cymru and .wales in September

<— Nominet confirms the launch of .wales and .cymru for 1st September 12/05/2014 —>

07/05/2014 – Information Age: Why cyber attacks are closer to home than CIOs may think
07/05/2014 – The Guardian: Cyber security: the risks to small businesses owners
06/05/2014 – The Register: The amazing .uk domain: Less .co and loads more whalesong
02/05/2014 – The Register: Nominet boss quits after rough patch at helm of dot-UK registry
02/05/2014 – Nominet: CEO Announcement

<— Nominet’s CEO Lesley Cowley resigns and to leave on 9th July 02/05/2014 —>

30/04/2014 – Nominet: Introducing the new UK Domain Family brand identity
16/04/2014 – Out-Law: Nominet: no plans for a ‘trade mark clearinghouse’ system
15/04/2014 – World Trademark Review (subscription): ‘.uk’ to launch in June
15/04/2014 – IPPro The Internet: Nominet tackles criminal domains
11/04/2014 – Clerkend Weller:
09/04/2014 – Stephane Van Gelder: Nominet critic calls for governance transparency
09/04/2014 – Emily Taylor: Open letter to Nominet’s top members
09/04/2014 – Nominet: Nominet opens London office to drive research and development
07/04/2014 – The Register: Nominet bins Optical Express’ appeal against ‘It ruined my life’ website
05/04/2014 – Oscar O’Connor: Standing for Election as a Non-Executive Director of Nominet
05/04/2014 – The Guardian: Optical Express loses bid to close laser eye surgery critic’s website
03/04/2014 – IT PRO: Nominet cracks down on nefarious domain names
03/04/2014 – Nominet: Nominet formalises approach to tackling criminal activity on .uk domains
03/04/2014 – The Register: 123-reg shrugs off customer complaints over stealth domain transfer charges
01/04/2014 – The Mayne Design: 123-Reg Hold your Domain Name Transfers Hostage for £9.99
26/03/2014 – Domain Name Wire: .UK adds registry lock option
25/03/2014 – TheHN: BaseKit appoints Hosting Guru Thomas Vollrath as Board Director
19/03/2014 – The Register: MPs urge to use 1950s obscenity law
19/03/2014 – PC Pro: MPs: porn sites should be prosecuted under obscenity laws
18/03/2014 – Startups: Is the .uk domain a gamechanger for business?
18/03/2014 – Nominet: New Registrar Agreement comes in to force

<— New Nominet registrar agreement & Online Safety Report 18/03/14 —>

13/03/2014 – Lexology: New ‘.UK’ domain names to be introduced
12/03/2014 – ITV: The top five websites Britain can’t live without
10/03/2014 – V3: How to register for a .uk domain name, and avoid the squatters and hackers
07/03/2014 – Namesco: What’s changing in the UK internet landscape?

20/02/2014 – BBC News: Does England need its own internet domain?
14/02/2014 – Wales Online: How the dawn of .wales .cymru will transform the internet in Wales
14/02/2014 – Seen it: Are you ready for .uk? New domain launches in June
12/02/2014 – Computer World (Simon Phipps): Take Charities Seriously, Nominet
10/02/2014 – Realwire: 123-reg takes lead on .uk launch
07/02/2014 – Nominet (Lesley Cowley CEO): UK Charities second class? A response from Nominet
04/02/2014 – Computer World (Simon Phipps): UK Charities Second Class To Domain Squatters
04/02/2014 – Storify: Ben Furber – My “discussion” with Nominet about .uk domains
03/02/2014 – The WHIR: Nominet Plans to Make Shorter .UK Domains Available Starting June 10

31/01/2014 – Domain Incite: Nominet names the date for shorter .uk addresses
31/01/2014 – TechRadar: Nominet nominates .uk domain launch date
31/01/2014 – CBR online: .uk domains to go live on 10th June
30/01/2014 – TechWeek Europe: .uk Domains To Hit The Web On 10 June
30/01/2014 – The Domains: Shorter .UK Domains Are Launching On June 10th
30/01/2014 – The Register: Nominet goes titsup after update to WHOIS tool
30/01/2014 – DNW: Nominet sets June 10 date for shorter .UK domain names

<— Nominet announces launch date for shorter .uk domains as 10th June 30/01/14 —>

22/01/2014 – Domain Incite: Cartier sues Nominet hoping to set global take-down precedent
22/01/2014 – Nominet: Nominet defends claim by Cartier International AG
22/01/2014 – Nominet: Warning over misleading .uk registration offers

<— Nominet is sued by Cartier Interntional AG 22/01/14 —>

16/01/2014 – ISP Review: Nominet Set to Scan UK Website Domain Names for Explicit Sex Terms
16/01/2014 – RevK: Nanny state getting
16/01/2014 – Online Domain: Nominet plans to suspend or de-register .uk domain names
16/01/2014 – Euro Tech News: Nominet “knee jerk” reaction to Lord Macdonald QC
16/01/2014 – Domain Pulse: Nominet To Screen .UK Registrations For “Serious Sexual Offences”
16/01/2014 – CBR Online: Nominet to screen sex offence terms from web addresses
16/01/2014 – Motherboard: Why Screening Sex Crime Terms in Web Addresses Won’t Stop Sex Crimes
16/01/2014 – PC Pro: Nominet to police .uk domain names for illegal terms
15/01/2014 – Startups: How to choose the right .uk domain suffix for your business
15/01/2014 – Domain Incite: Nominet bans rape domains
15/01/2014 – BBC News: Sex offence terms to be removed from internet addresses
15/01/2014 – Nominet: Nominet to update registration policy in light of Lord Macdonald review

<— Nominet to update registration policy in light of Lord Macdonald review 15/01/14 —>

07/01/2013 – The Register: Optical Express ‘ruined my life’ attack site wins takedown battle
02/01/2014 – Econsultancy: Nominet explains the reasons for  .uk domains

20/12/2013 – LSE: CentralNic Group Appoints Glenn Hayward As Chief Financial Officer
19/12/2013 – Econsultancy: Q&A Matt Mansell of 123-reg on the new .uk domains
16/12/2013 – The Register: Nominet seeks royal approval for pisspoor .uk domain name push
16/12/2013 – DomainIncite: Prince Charles first to get a second-level .uk name
16/12/2013 – Nominet:,, and domains delegated
11/12/2013 – Mondaq: Shorter .Uk Domains To Be Made Available For Registration
10/12/2013 – The Lawyer: Shorter UK domains to be made available for registration
10/12/2013 – Cyber Compare: Nominet to Offer .UK Domains from Summer 2014
05/12/2013 – Aimiable: Should you switch to a new.UK domain?
04/12/2013 – Com Laude: .UK – Second-level domains from 2014
04/12/2013 – Elexica: Nominet to introduce shorter .uk domain name registrations
04/12/2013 – Co Activate: Say it ain’t so .uk
03/12/2013 – Name Lynx: Dropping the CO in UK
03/12/2013 – A Flatter UK Namespace – But Who Gets FC.UK?
03/12/2013 – The WHIR: Host Europe Names Former BBC Director General Lord Birt Chairman
02/12/2013 – City AM: Former BBC director general Lord Birt made chair of Host
02/12/2013 – The Times: Birt logs on as Host Europe chairman
02/12/2013 – Host Europe: Host Europe Group announces new Chairman

<— Host Europe Group hires Lord Birt as Chairman and fires current CEO 02/12/13 —>

29/11/2013 – Domain Monster: Nominet set to release .uk in Summer 2014
29/11/2013 – Blacknight: Coming Soon – Shorter UK Domain Names
29/11/2013 – PWob: Nominet announces shorter .uk domains to go live in Summer 2014
29/11/2013 – Nimbus: .uk Domains Launching
29/11/2013 – Slightly Different Blog: Domain change – the trimming of to .uk
29/11/2013 – The Company Warehouse: New TLDs are coming: How to protect your online brand
28/11/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet drops libel lawsuit against domain blogger
28/11/2013 – Arnold & Baldwin: Nominet not fazed by poor start as amended .uk proposal published
28/11/2013 – Nominet Watch: Three questions that need to be answered over
27/11/2013 – David Price QC: That Internet successfully defends Nominet claim
27/11/2013 – Computer Weekly: Lesley Cowley of Nominet wins leadership award
27/11/2013 – Nominet: Nominet discontinues legal action against That Internet Ltd
26/11/2013 – Neil Charlton: Nominet and .uk Domain Names – is your brand protected?
25/11/2013 – Nominet: Nominet appoints Antonia Seymour as Chief Commercial Officer

<— Nominet drops libel lawsuit and hires new CCO 25/11/13 —>

25/11/2013 – Janet: Andrew Cormack – Nominet announcement
25/11/2013 – TechFanSite: New .UK Domains Set To Debut Next Year
25/11/2013 – New shorter .UK domains are on the way
25/11/2013 – .UK  – Be Prepared This Summer To Register Your Own
25/11/2013 – eUKhost: Get ready for .UK Domains, coming to eUKhost soon!
24/11/2013 – My Online Security: Will .uk domain benefit your business?
23/11/2013 – Real Business: Nominet to introduce shorter .uk domain name registrations
23/11/2013 – 53.8o N blog: Have Nominet quietly screwed over a number of charities?
22/11/2013 – Computer World: Nominet gives green light to .uk domains despite previous concerns
22/11/2013 – Clarke Design: Nominet announce .uk domains names
22/11/2013 – Nominet Watch: Nominet betrays its own constitution with approval
22/11/2013 – NewStart Designs: Simple ‘.uk’ domains on sale from next summer
22/11/2013 – BrandShelter: .UK: Direct registrations possible as of summer 2014
22/11/2013 – brings some interesting DRS questions
21/11/2013 – The Whir: Nominet Goes Ahead with Shorter .UK Domains Despite Negative Feedback
21/11/2013 – The Independent: Simple ‘.uk’ domains on sale from next summer
21/11/2013 – DNjournal: Edwin Hayward Sounds Off on Nominet’s Decision to Offer New .UK Domains
21/11/2013 – City AM: Shorter UK web address set to be sold to firms
21/11/2013 – Nominet announce .uk domains to join .Wales and .Cymru
21/11/2013 – Startups: Nominet to introduce .uk domain name registration
21/11/2013  – Tech World: Nominet gives green light to .uk domains despite previous concerns
21/11/2013 – iwantmyname: .UK Domains Without The .CO, Coming Summer 2014
21/11/2013 – Nominet Watch: The dangerous ideology of Direct.UK
21/11/2013 – Nominet Watch: A message to our members: screw you
21/11/2013 – DynaDot: Nominet Announces Shorter .UK Will Be Available in Summer 2014
21/11/2013 – CIOL: Nominet ushers in new era for .uk namespace
21/11/2013 – Fastnet: Nominet announces .uk domains
21/11/2013 – Calla Internet: Big changes are coming to .uk domain names
21/11/2013 – DGD: Nominet to introduce new .UK extension
21/11/2013 – IAB UK: New .uk domain name to be available next summer
21/11/2013 –  Domain Pulse: Second Level Registrations And Other Changes Coming To .UK In 2014
21/11/2013 – The Working Parent: New web addresses could confuse UK internet users
21/11/2013 – .UK domains announced
20/11/2013 – David Carter: .uk – the good, the bad and the ugly
20/11/2013 – Nominet say yes, you can have your
20/11/2013 – Orange News: Shorter .UK Web Address To Replace Some Sites
20/11/2013 – The Inquirer: Nominet touts .uk domain for launch in 2014
20/11/2013 – Startups: Nominet to introduce .uk domain name registration
20/11/2013 – Pocket Lint: Nominet pushes ‘snappier’ .uk web addresses over
20/11/2013 – Domaining Tips: Nominet’s Dot Uk Approach Is *Not* Fair
20/11/2013 – A Great Place to Be: Introducing .UK
20/11/2013 – Host Europe: .uk domain “Opening up the UK digital economy for SMEs”
20/11/2013 – IB Times: Shorter, Simpler .UK Domain Name Introduced
20/11/2013 – The Domains: Nominet Approves .Uk Domain Names; Holders to Get 1st Shot
20/11/2013 – Telecompaper: Nominet to offer shorter .uk domain name registrations
20/11/2013 – Wired: Nominet to launch shorter .uk domain
20/11/2013 – Reuters: Dot UK: British firms can trim web addresses
20/11/2013 – DNW: Nominet to offer second level .uk domain names, with owner getting priority
20/11/2013 – Econsultancy: Nominet ploughs ahead with .uk domains despite opposition
20/11/2013 – The Drum: Nominet announces shortened .uk web domain will be available from summer 2014
20/11/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet approves direct second-level .uk domains
20/11/2013 – Hexus: Nominet to introduce shorter .uk domain name in summer 2014
20/11/2013 – DOPM: Will The New .UK Domain Hurt Your SEO?
20/11/2013 – Ben Newton: Nominet announce massive changes to the .UK namespace for summer 2014!
20/11/2013 – DomainLore: -> .uk transition
20/11/2013 – Tech Radar: Nominet gives green light to .uk domains, touts business benefits
20/11/2013 – Telegraph: Shorter .uk web addresses announced
20/11/2013 – IT Pro Portal: Nominet u-turns on .uk domains
20/11/2013 – Tech Week Europe: Nominet To Finally Introduce Shorter ‘.uk’ Domain In 2014
20/11/2013 – PC Pro: Nominet unveils .uk domain names
20/11/2013 – V3: Shorter .uk domain space plans unveiled
20/11/2013 – PC Mag: Shorter .uk Domains Coming in Summer 2014
20/11/2013 – Sky News: Shorter .UK Web Address To Replace Some Sites
20/11/2013 – CNET: Shorter .uk Web addresses approved but critics blast cost
20/11/2013 – The Register: Kerching! Nominet preps for cash AVALANCHE from shorter UK domain names
20/11/2013 – AlphaQuad: Shorter domain names coming next summer
20/11/2013 – Engadget: Shorter and simpler .uk domains to launch in 2014
20/11/2013 – Domainbox: New top level .UK extension set to launch in 2014
20/11/2013 – Gizmodo UK: .UK Domains to Land Along With .London in 2014
20/11/2013 – Domain Monster: Direct .uk Registrations available from Summer 2014!
20/11/2013 – Andy Shellam: Nominet Approves Shorter .uk Domain for Summer 2014
20/11/2013 – Primary Image: .UK domain names coming in summer 2014
20/11/2013 – TechFruit: No we don’t need a .uk web address as well
20/11/2013 – 123-Reg blog: Shorter and Simpler – will .uk domain benefit your business?
20/11/2013 – .UK domains coming in summer 2014
20/11/2013 – Heart Internet: Big changes are coming to .uk domain names
20/11/2013 – CNET UK: Shorter .uk Web addresses approved but critics blast cost
20/11/2013 – SCL: Nominet Consultations and Mince Pies
20/11/2013 – World IP Review: Nominet signs off snappier .uk domains
20/11/2013 – Get your new era SLDs courtesy of Nominet
20/11/2013 – Technutty UK: Shorter .uk domain names to launch in 2014
20/11/2013 – Tsohost: New .UK Domain Name Plans Approved
20/11/2013 – NetImperative: Plans for shorter ‘.uk’ address returns despite claims of confusion
20/11/2013 – BBC:  Shorter .uk web address plan revived by Nominet
20/11/2013 – Nominet: Nominet to introduce shorter .uk domain name registrations

<— Nominet approve 20/11/13 —>

2nd .UK Consultation News Reports:

13/11/2013 – Iomart Group: Easyspace Announces 25% Web Hosting Offer for Most Popular UK Domain
12/11/2013 – Between 313 and over 10 million are waiting…
08/11/2013 – Open Rights Group: Response to Nominet Domain Registration Policy Review
05/11/2013 – LINX: Nominet policy review: ban offensive domains?
05/11/2013 – Nominet Watch: Will Nominet’s Board pull the trigger?
03/11/2013 – CHIS: Response to Nominet’s Registration Policy Review
01/11/2013 – Affiliate Specialist: Domain Ethics Challenge Nominet To Minimise Speculation
31/10/2013 – Telegraph: Whistleblowers want protection to root out wrongdoing

< — Nominet board meeting 29/10/13 — >

27/10/2013 – The Domains: Over 35 Two Letter .Co.Uk Hit The Auction Block at NameJet
24/10/2013 – World Trademark Review (subscription): Nominet consults on offensive domain names
21/10/2013 – World Trademark Review (subscription):  Second level ‘.nz’ and ‘.uk’
19/10/2013 – CNN iReport: ORG: Say no to the Nomitax!
19/10/2013 – Dnjournal:  John Quail’s Claim to Fame: &
10/10/2013 – EDC: What happens to domains if Scotland votes to leave the UK?
08/10/2013 – Nokta Domains: Lease .CO.UK and Reserve .UK
08/10/2013 – Nominet: Update on policy consultations

< — Nominet update on policy consultations 08/10/13 — >

04/10/2013 – The Register: A14 to become UK’s first internet-connected ROAD
03/10/2013 – ZDNet: Microsoft, Google joins TV white-space broadband road test
02/10/2013 – Ofcom: Ofcom unveils participants in wireless innovation trial
02/10/2013 – Nominet: Nominet participating in Ofcom trial

< — Nominet announces ‘Whitespace’ partnership with Ofcom 02/10/13— >

30/09/2013 – Oscar O’Connor: “Consultation” process on .uk domains – is anyone listening?
26/09/2013 – Edwin Hayward: ICO warns Nominet of misdirected email danger
26/09/2013 – Edwin Hayward: Early feedback on Nominet V2 .uk domain consultation
25/09/2013 – JANET: Nominet consultation on second level domain names
24/09/2013 – ISOC England: .uk Second Level Domain Registrations – two
22/09/2013 – TechTrend: F*@K me! Nominet may block ‘offensive’ words in domain names
20/09/2013 – Open Rights Group: Say no to the Nomitax!
20/09/2013 – Edwin Hayward: Media Sentiment Analysis for the Concept of .uk Domains
18/09/2013 – Nominet Watch: One slide that explains everything wrong with the UK’s Internet operator
17/09/2013 – Nominet Watch: We would listen but, staff are not qualified, feel threatened, on holiday
16/09/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet under fire for lack of transparency
16/09/2013 – Edwin Hayward: .UK will damage UK Business (V2 Consultation Response)
16/09/2013 – EConsultancy: Seven reasons why .uk domains are a bad idea
16/09/2013 – Open Rights Group: Response to Nominet’s second .uk consultation
13/09/2013 – Nominet Watch: Run away! Staff flee accountability effort
12/09/2013 – Philip Virgo: The Internet’s Broken Promises – Is Balkanisation Inevitable?
12/09/2013 – Nominet Watch: Critics barred from Direct.UK consultation

< — UK IGF meeting, Nominet Glasgow & BCS .uk meetings 11/09/13— >

11/09/2013 – TheWHIR: Nominet Seeks Feedback on Banning Offensive .UK Domain Registrations
10/09/2013 – ISP Review: Nominet Moot BAN on Swearing and Bad Language in UK Internet Domains
10/09/2013 – Huffington Post: Offensive Words In .UK Domain Names To Be Reviewed By Nominet
10/09/2013 – The Register: Should Nominet ban .uk domains that use paedo and crim-friendly words?
10/09/2013 – TheDomains: Comment Period On Whether .UK Domains Should Contain “Offensive Words”
09/09/2013 – BoingBoing: UK gov’t wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #£@* off
09/09/2013 – Nominet: Nominet announces registration policy review

< — Nominet announces registration policy review 09/09/13 — >

04/09/2013 – BBC News: E.cigarettes firm told to hand back old Ash Wales web domain name
04/09/2013 – Nominet: Policy consultations on second level registrations & .uk Registrar Agreement
04/09/2013 – Watch List News: Nominet deadline for .uk feedback closes 23rd September
04/09/2013 – PR Web: Nominet deadline for .uk feedback closes 23rd September
02/09/2013 – John Carr (UK Council on Child Internet Safety): The future of Nominet
02/09/2013 – Roger Darlington (Acting Chair .uk Policy Committee): Two current consultations by Nominet
28/08/2013 – Nominet Watch: Former Board member rejects “deeply flawed” Direct.UK proposal
28/08/2013 – PR Web: Founder of Nominet states that he is against the current Nominet .uk proposal
28/08/2013 – Digital Journal: Founder of Nominet states that he is against the current Nominet .uk proposal
25/08/2013 – Alex Bligh’s blog: Net Into Dire Muck (an anagram of Nominet Direct UK)
24/08/2013 – TNT Names: Big flaws in the new .uk domain exposed in new report by Stephen Wilde
24/08/2013 – PR Web: Big flaws in the new .uk domain extension exposed in new report by Stephen Wilde
20/08/2013 – Stephen Wilde – Get involved or lose your .uk (V2 Consultation Response)

<— Stephen Wilde & Alex Bligh campaign against  24/08/2013 —>
19/08/2013 – SB Wire: Britain Has No Restrictions on Adult Websites
19/08/2013 – Daily Mail: The internet porn map – US, Holland and Britain as the largest providers
16/08/2013 – Nominet Watch: Dirt shows through election whitewash
12/08/2013 – Wired: Nominet CEO: the tech sector can’t rely on government to bridge the ICT skills gap
09/08/2013 – Domain Incite: The UK is going nuts about porn and Go Daddy and Nominet are helping
08/08/2013 – Nominet: Press release – Update on registration policy
08/08/2013 – Nominet Watch: Who’s pulling the strings at Nominet?
08/08/2013 – Open Rights Group: Nominet trying again with .uk proposals
08/08/2013 – Splash Web: Further Proposal for Second Level UK Domains
08/08/2013 – Emily Taylor: Has Nominet been captured

<— Nominet announce .uk registration policy review 08/08/2013 —>

05/08/2013 – xbiz: U.K. Adviser Wants to Place All Porn Sites in .XXX
05/08/2013 – iol: Britain has half a million porn sites
05/08/2013 – Daily Mail: Britain is home to half a million porn websites
04/08/2013 – Sunday Times: Britain No 3 in world for hosting web porn
04/08/2013 – MetaCert: California is the number 1 state in the US for hosting porn.
04/08/2013 – John Carr: Britain is punching above its weight in the global porn stakes

<— John Carr / Metacert .uk porn report 04/08/13 —>

24/07/2013 – Philip Virgo: HMRC meets the “Real” World. Is Nominet about to do the same?
23/07/2013 – Emily Taylor: Internet organisations can seriously damage your health
22/07/2013 – NominetWatch: Breakdown in trust as Board bombarded with questions at AGM
20/07/2013 – Domain News: ‘Third Level Registrations Out Of Step’ Says Nominet CEO
18/07/2013 – Nominet: Validation and Auction partners needed for .cymru and .wales
16/07/2013 – Edwin Hayward: A tale of 2 Nominet consultations, .uk and .wales
16/07/2013 – Emily Taylor: Whatever Nominet’s proposals are, they are not bottom-up
16/07/2013 – Nominet Blog: A time for change (written by Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley)
15/07/2013 – Neil Pellinacci: Nominet – Second Level .uk Domain Registration – Roundtable Meeting
15/07/2013 – BCS 2nd consultation: Registration of second level domain names
13/07/2013 – Launch of petition to protest against Nominet’s Resolution 4
12/07/2013 – Econsultancy: Nominet stands to gain millions from .uk, but do businesses really need them?
12/07/2013 – Edwin Hayward: For Nominet, .uk domains are ALL about money
11/07/2013 – JANET: Revised proposal from Nominet
08/07/2013 – Nominet resurrects ‘.uk’ plans
04/07/2013 – Glaisyers: Nominet Proposes New “.uk” Domain Registration
04/07/2013 – World Trademark Review: Nominet puts ‘’ back on the table
03/07/2013 – Computer Weekly: From restoring confidence in .UK to the identities we use for HMG
03/07/2013 – Computer World UK: Nominet scales back security features as new .uk domain consultation
02/07/2013 – The implied consent of Nominet’s Second Level Domain Registration Proposals
02/07/2013 – Domain News: Nominet Launches New Policy For Second Level Domain Registrations
02/07/2013 – The Register: Nominet resurrects second-level namespace plan: ‘Before you say no…’
01/07/2013 – Domain Pulse: Nominet Proposes New .UK Registrar Agreement
01/07/2013 – Namesco: The future of .uk is in your hands!
01/07/2013 – Nominet: Nominet proposes new policy for second level domain registrations

<—- Nominet announces revised 2LD proposals 01/07/13 —->

21/06/2013 – The Times: Wife who went from pasta PR to public enemy No 1
21/06/2013 – Techworld: Nominet sacks Jill Finney for involvement in NHS baby deaths ‘cover-up’
21/06/2013 – Techeye: Nominet sacks Jill Finney for involvement in CQC cover up
21/06/2013 – The Register: Nominet sacks freshly-hired exec implicated in hospital ‘cover-up’ scandal
21/06/2013 – Domain Name Wire: People who paid a lot for one letter .uk domains could lose out
20/06/2013 – Domainincite: Nominet fires CCO over baby death “cover-up”
20/06/2013 – Nominet: News about our CCO

<—- Nominet fires it’s Chief Commercial Officer 20/06/13 —->

18/06/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet brings back second-level .uk proposal
18/06/2013 – Domain Name Wire: Nominet reconsiders second level .uk domains

<—- Nominet proposes a 2nd .uk consultation 18/06/13 —->

1st .UK Consultation News Reports:

For facts and figures about Version 1 the Direct.UK proposals see Edwin Hayward’s well-researched 26-page position paper on (“Don’t Do It! But if you must do it, do it fairly”)

06/06/2013 – BBC News: Government demands action on web safety
06/06/2013 – The Startup Magazine: Sponsored video Nominet being a company
04/06/2013 – BBC News: London police start to target pirate websites
03/06/2013 – The Info Daily: Apprenticeships will drive dynamism for the UK’s digital future
30/05/2013 – NewStatesman: Is Osborne about to abolish the culture department?
28/05/2013 – Domain News: Guardian News Withdraws gTLD Applications In Deal Over .COM
24/05/2013 – Media Week: Guardian thinks global with new domain name
24/05/2013 – The Guardian: Going global on our digital journey
15/05/2013 – SEO: Most expensive domain for sale

30/04/2013 – Telecompaper: to run .cymru, .wales domain platform
29/04/2013 – TheDomains: Average Auction Price of Declines For Third Year In A Row
23/04/2013 – FT: Persistent threats: Cyber crooks turn to ‘spear phishing’ to reel in targets
08/04/2013 – World Trademark Review: Nominet puts the brakes on ‘’ proposal
05/04/2013 – The Register: Publishing ANYTHING on .uk? From now, Big Library gets copies
03/04/2013 – Lexology: Abusive domain name registrations – business not personal!
02/04/2013 – V3: V3 Hot Seat: Nominet CTO Simon McCalla
02/04/2013 – AG-IP News: ICANN Names Back-up Registry Operators for New gTLDs
27/03/2013 – Daily Mail: No one has the right to stop their name being used in a web address
27/03/2013 – Telegraph: Individuals ‘have no right’ to stop name being used online
21/03/2013 – The Register: 300 UK domains pilfered, massive security lapse blamed
18/03/2013 – Telecompaper: Nominet to join cyber-crime reduction initiative in UK
18/03/2013 – Computer Weekly: Nominet to join new government cyber crime reduction partnership
11/03/2013 – Welsh Government: Nominet proposals to introduce direct .UK names
07/03/2013 – Euro Tech News:  Nominet ditches plans
07/03/2013 – EuroDNS: Nominet to revise proposal
01/03/2013 – TheWHIR: Nominet Temporarily Forced to Ditch Plans for Shorter .UK Domains
01/03/2013 – Key-Systems: Nominet: No shorter .UK domain names

28/02/2013 – Philip Virgo: Press cover on the result of the .UK consultation conceals more than it reveals
28/02/2013 – Philip Virgo: Who should run the Internet Addressing system? And why don’t they?
28/02/2013 – TechWeek Europe: Nominet Not Ready For Shorter “.uk” Country Code Yet
28/02/2013 – CBR: Nominet drops domain name for British businesses 
28/02/2013 – EsqWire: Back to the drawing board for Nominet & .uk
28/02/2013 – PC Pro: Nominet ditches .uk domain proposal
28/02/2013 – The Register: Nominet tosses plan for shorter .uk domains in the bin (for now)
28/02/2013 – TechWorld: Nominet halts ‘.uk’ domain proposal after doubts raised over benefits
28/02/2013 – Siteopia: Nominet Retract Plans for ‘.UK’ Domain Extension
28/02/2013 – Computer Weekly: Nominet scraps proposals for secure .uk domains
28/02/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet to revise second-level .uk proposal after domainer outrage
27/02/2013 –  Nominet Shelves Second Level .UK Registrations
27/02/2013 – Domain Name Wire: Nominet shelves plan for shorter .uk domain names (for now)
27/02/2013 – Nominet Haults Plan For .uk Domain Names, For Now
27/02/2013 – Tech Radar: Suffix switch ditched as Brits choose to stick with trusty URLs
27/02/2013 – The Next Web: UK domain registry Nominet withdraws proposal to create ‘’
27/02/2013 – BBC News: Shorter .uk web address idea shelved by Nominet

<—- Nominet board meeting to decide future of .uk proposals 26/02/13 —->

14/02/2013 – Sky News: Buyout Firm Grooms Dotcom Group For £400m Sale
13/02/2013 – TheRegister: ‘Strong basis’ to claims Nominet board breached duties
26/01/2013 – VibeTechMedia: Nominet and the .UK Release – What are your thoughts?
24/01/2013 – Third Sector: Nominet will sue member for alleged libel
23/01/2013 – Telegraph: Nominet sues businessman over chief executive ‘libel’
22/01/2013 – Siteopia: Nominet start legal action over ‘Defamation’
22/01/2013 – Domain News: Nominet Launches Legal Proceedings Against Critic
21/01/2013 – Domain Incite: Nominet sues domainer gripe site for defamation
21/01/2013 – Tech Week Europe: Nominet Takes Legal Action Over ‘Defamation’
17/01/2013 – Infosecurity Magazine: Nominet’s proposals for a more secure domain suffix under fire
16/01/2013 – Computer Weekly: Campaigners oppose Nominet plans for secure .uk domain
16/01/2013 – BCS: Does the UK need a new web address suffix?
16/01/2013 – Alec Muffett: Childrens charities oppose Nominet plan – on the ropes
15/01/2013 – Telegraph: Childrens charities oppose Nominet plan for ‘secure’ .uk web addresses
14/01/2013 – Siteopia: What Does a New UK Domain Name Mean for Business?
10/01/2013 – Digital rights campaigners Nominet gaining ‘monopoly over trust & security’
08/01/2013 – call as Nominet Fail to engage its stakeholders
07/01/2013 – ISOC UK: ISOC UK England urges Nominet not proceed with its direct .uk proposal
07/01/2013 – RevK: Response to nominet .uk namespace consultation (Blog)
07/01/2013 – Open Rights Group: Response to Nominet consultation
06/01/2013 – Alex Bligh: Direct registrations in .uk (again) (Blog)
06/01/2013 – Alec Muffett: Why I believe that we will have to break up Nominet, the UK domain’s registry
05/01/2013 – Philip Virgo: When buying over the Internet is MORE expensive
04/01/2013 – Alex Bligh: Nominet Direct.UK Consultation (Blog)
03/01/2013 – Philip Virgo: Monday is the deadline for your views on rebuilding trust in .UK
03/01/2013 – UCISA: Response to Nominet’s Consultation on a new .uk domain name service
01/01/2013 – Markus Jalmerot: Dear Nominet – My Domain Name New Year Wishes
24/12/2012 – Nominet consultation response
21/12/2012 – Guardian Blog: What’s the fuss about a new UK domain? Don’t miss out on your say
17/12/2012 – Guardian Blog: The value of a secure .uk namespace – Nominet’s .uk consultation
13/12/2012 – Guardian Blog: Nominet’s plans to launch the .uk domain – good or bad for UK business?
06/12/2012 – Shorter .uk domain names and the future of search (Blog)
29/11/2012 – Considering Nominet’s proposals for domains
28/11/2012 – Q&A: Nominet on the .uk domain proposals (with Phil Kingsland)
28/11/2012 – criticises Nominet proposal to introduce .UK suffix
22/11/2012 – Is Nominet’s .uk proposal a tax on the digital economy?
21/11/2012 – Transparency Fail – Nominet’s Registrar Meeting On Direct UK
19/11/2012 – B2C: Taking the ‘Co’ Out of .Co.Uk – Nominet’s High-Risk Plan to Rebrand UK Domains
14/11/2012 – Own a Domain? Here’s What You Need to Know (DNBlog)
14/11/2012 – World Intellectual Property Review: Nominet responds to .uk criticism
14/11/2012 – Edwards Wildman: Nominet Announces Plans for Radical Overhaul of .UK DN System
14/11/2012 – Lexicology: Nominet announces plans for radical overhaul of .uk domain name system
14/11/2012 – EN for Entrepreneurs: Direct .uk domain names – a new online home for British businesses?
13/11/2012 – Alexa Top 500 UK Sites affected by Nominet .UK proposal
13/11/2012 – PRWeb: Downgrades Internet TLD
13/11/2012 – Philip Virgo: How do you rebuild trust: whether in Banks, BBC, the Internet or a Regulator?
12/11/2012 – DomainIndex: Downgrades Internet TLD and Warns About…
12/11/2012 – CultivateIP: Nominet Announces Plans for Radical Overhaul of .UK Domain Name System
10/11/2012 – Edwin Hayward: Pros and Cons of .UK
09/11/2012 – Philip Virgo: I have seen the online future – and it sucks… (with comment by Paul Keating)
09/11/2012 – CPAGlobal: Enhanced corporate security promised in .uk domain proposals
09/11/2012 – Barker Brettell: Nominet launches consultation on new .uk domain names
09/11/2012 – ICANN: Nominet UK Comments on Proposals … for Prioritizing New gTLD Applications
07/11/2012 – David Carter: Never Mind The Consultation – Let’s Party!
06/11/2012 – David Carter: .uk And The Small Business Dilemma (DNBlog)
05/11/2012 – AcornDomains: Urgent : Nominet trademark objection period
05/11/2012 – David Carter: Nominet To Introduce Reverse Hijacker’s Charter (DNBlog)
05/11/2012 – Edwin Hayward: Nominet’s .uk domain name fiasco (DNBlog)
03/11/2012 – Stop Nominet (DNBlog)
02/11/2012 – David Carter: Nominet Monopoly Threatens UK Business (DNBlog)
02/11/2012 – Clerkendweller: Trust Direct.UK? (Web Security, Usability and Design)
02/11/2012 – Inbound: The Dot UK Money Grab (DNBlog)
01/11/2012 – BusinessComputingWorld: Will “.UK” Be Most Trusted Domain On The Web?
01/11/2012 – DigitalStrategyConsulting: Plans for ‘.uk’ domain names announced as alternative to ‘’

31/10/2012 – Webmastering: Introduction of .uk – Don’t Do It! (DNBlog)
30/10/2012 – WebhostingReview: Web Hosting Domain Name Sold for $500,000 by Sedo
30/10/2012 – IPPro: Domain investment company founder attacks .uk plans
30/10/2012 – If your business operates from a name, you should be VERY worried!
30/10/2012 – DNJournal: DNJournal Lowdown – Edwin Hayward’s Position Paper (DNBlog)
29/10/2012 – An Open Letter to Nominet and ICANN – One Suggestion, That’s It
29/10/2012 – Robbie’s Blog: Introduction of .uk – Don’t Do It! (DNBlog)
29/10/2012 – DomainNameNews: Speaking out against the Nominet proposed release of SLD .UK domains
29/10/2012 – .UK Position Paper by Edwin Hayward (DNBlog)
29/10/2012 – Inbound: .uk (dot uk) Domains Explained (DNBlog)
29/10/2012 – DomainNameWire: Backlash rising against second level .uk domains
26/10/2012 – NewsWireless: Net.wars: Lie to Me
24/10/2012 – Kroll OnTrack: BIS officials’ attempts to ‘avoid disclosure’ subject of investigation
18/10/2012 – Contractor UK: Civil servants face probe over personal emails
17/10/2012 – TechWeek Europe: Government Investigates FoI Avoidance Claims
17/10/2012 – Philip Virgo: Will verified domain names do more than UK/EU policy …
16/10/2012 – WalkerMorris: Nominet launches consultation on new .uk domain names
16/10/2012 – World IP Review: Nominet targets businesses for .uk expansion
15/10/2012 – Domain Options: New UK domain proposal may harm your business
15/10/2012 – EuroDNS: Go directly to .UK, do not pass .CO
12/10/2012 – SeoChat: Nominet To Introduce .UK, problems for CO.Uk (DNForum)
12/10/2012 – Computer Active: Nominet wants .UK domain to tighten consumer protection
09/10/2012 – Element14: Nominet proposes domain name reforms
08/10/2012 – ICAEW: Proposed new top level .uk domain for companies
05/10/2012 – ComputerWorld: Nominet: a website, by any other name, would be more secure?
04/10/2012 – Edwin Hayward: Could “” be the UK’s first Giga-Brand?
04/10/2012 – Aaron Clifford: Nominet .uk Proposal, A New Bubble?
04/10/2012 – Ashfords Solicitors: Stop Press – Nominet Propose New .uk Domain Names
04/10/2012 – SeoSpecialist: How Launch of .UK Domains Could Affect Internet Businesses
04/10/2012 – Pitmans Lawyers News: New .uk domains. Consider your strategy now
03/10/2012 – IPCat: Nominet launches consultation on new .uk domain names
03/10/2012 – DomainLore: My thoughts on “direct .uk” (DNBlog)
03/10/2012 – PC Pro: Nominet: no security revamp for domain
02/10/2012 – StudentNews IE: Nominet UK Proposes Liberal Use Of .uk Domain Name
02/10/2012 – Netnames: Dot UK, a no-brainer!
02/10/2012 – InSquare Media: Do we really need yet another top level domain?
01/10/2012 – CNET UK: Shorter .uk web addresses to join and fight malware
01/10/2012 – BBC News: Shorter .uk internet domain proposed by Nominet
01/10/2012 – The Telegraph: British firms offered shorter, more secure ‘.uk’ web addresses
01/10/2012 – Nominet create a new gTLD & disrupt the .UK internet (DNBlog)
01/10/2012 – Information Age: Nominet proposes .uk domain for businesses 
01/10/2012 – Mick Walmsley: .uk TLD Poposed by Nominet – Includes Extra Security Features
01/10/2012 – Goodbye to .co? Nominet ponders releasing second-level .uk domains
01/10/2012 – Pocket Link: Nominet proposes new .uk domain name
01/10/2012 – PCAdvisor: Nominet proposes ‘.uk’ Internet domain to boost web security
01/10/2012 – TheRegister: Nominet mulls killing off the .co from (DNBlog)
01/10/2012 – DomainNameWire: Nominet proposes second level .uk domain names
01/10/2012 – Link Public Affairs: Nominet proposes to open – and monitor – 2nd level domains
01/10/2012 – Volt: .UK Domain Proposed By Nominet
01/10/2012 – Vertical Leap: Shorter, snappier, more secure .uk domains proposed by Nominet
01/10/2012 – TechWeek Europe: Nominet promises better security with .uk domain names
01/10/2012 – Huffington Post: Nominet Propose .UK Internet Domain
01/10/2012 – PC Pro: Nominet planning more secure .uk domain
01/10/2012 – The Inquirer: Nominet proposes a .UK top-level domain name
01/10/2012 – TechRadar: New .uk domains proposed
01/10/2012 – Hexus: Shorter .uk internet domain names proposed by Nominet
01/10/2012 – ITProPortal: Nominet proposes .uk Internet domain
01/10/2012 – IT Donut: Would you pay more for a secure. UK domain name?
01/10/2012 – InternetNews: Nominet Sucking Up To Law Enforcement With New Proposals?
01/10/2012 – Nominet nods at .UK domain – More cash for us (possibly)
01/10/2012 – Nominet: Consultation on a new .uk domain name service

13/11/2012 – Companies in the News: MediaOptions, DomainIndex, Nominet and Telnames
13/11/2012 – Downgrades From AA To B
29/10/2012 – Domain Name News: Speaking out against the Nominet proposed release of .UK (DNBlog)
29/10/2012 – Elliot’s Blog: The Introduction of .uk Risks Damaging the UK Economy (DNBlog)
23/10/2012 – Site Dedicated To Stir Up Support Against Nominet Plan…:
01/10/2012 – Dnjournal: Nominet May Offer .UK Domains That Cost 800% More Than .CO.UK (DNBlog)
01/10/2012 – TheDomains: After Raising Over $4.5m for 1 & 2 Letter .Co.Uk Domains, Nominet Proposes .UK Domains (DNBlog)

New Zealand: (There is currently a proposal to open up .NZ at the Second Level as in .UK)

05/11/2013 – DNCL: F.A.Q. Allowing .nz registrations directly at the second level
11/10/2013 – DNCL: New Level of Internet Domain Names to provide more choice online
11/10/2013 – InternetNZ: Council meeting Agenda – .nz registrations at the second level (Page 23)
22/10/2013 – DNCL: Minutes of DNCL Board Meeting of 3 October 2013
10/09/2013 – DNCL: Minutes of DNCL Board Meeting of 23 August 2013
31/07/2013 – DNCL: Second Level Consultation and Submissions (Round 2)
10/07/2013 – DNCL: Minutes of DNCL Board Meeting of 27 June 2013
13/12/2012 – DNCL: Minutes of the DNCL Board Meeting of 13th December 2012
25/10/2012 – DNCL: Minutes of the DNCL Board Meeting of 25th October 2012
14/10/2012 – ICANN DNC: Overview of the .nz proposal to allow registrations at the second level (.PDF)
12/10/2012 – DNCL: DNCL Update – .nz registrations at the second level
27/09/2012 – DNCL: DNCL Second Level Consultation and Submissions
22/06/2012 – Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Lawyers: nz – What’s in a (domain) name?
22/06/2012 – Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Lawyers: .nz What’s in a (domain) name? New second-level domain proposed 30/05/2012 – Should .nz domain names be available at the second level? (see comments)
30/05/2012 – DNCL: Consultation Paper – Proposed registration of .NZ domain names at the second level


29/10/2012 – DNTrade: Nominet proposes shorter .UK domain names (DNForum)
17/10/2012 – United Kingdom: PS using emails to avoid FoI
30/05/2012 – DNTrade: Extending .NZ Domain Space (DNForum)


02/10/2012 – Nominet UK Proposes Liberal Use Of .uk Domain Name


01/10/2012 – French Tribune: Nominet Wants Suffix Attached with websites

South Africa:

20/10/2012 – New .za domains on the way


27/11/2013 – Nominet führt Secend Level-Registrierung unter .uk ein
21/11/2013 – Chip Online DE: uk: Neue Domain-Endung für Großbritannien

Reports around the issue of online security:

26/10/2012 – net.wars: Lie to me (Blog) – Online Security in the UK Parliament
25/10/2012 – Philip Virgo: Government official gives practical security advice – shock horror
10/08/2012 – Nominet accused of wiping websites
04/10/20121 – Ofcom / InterConnect: Domain Name System Security Extensions Deployment

Reports around the Nominet Trust

19/03/2014 – Nominet Trust: HRH The Duke of York announced as Royal Patron
11/11/2013 – Wired: Raspberry Pi named as one of 100 best technologies for social good
11/11/2013 – Independent: Wikileaks, Bitcoin and Raspberry Pi named by UK trust
08/11/2013 – Telegraph: Education ventures dominate list of top 100 social enterprises
01/11/2013 – Computer Weekly: Schools receive grants to test if iPads and texting can improve results
21/08/2013 – Civil Society: Website grant scheme opens to charity applicants
20/08/2013 – Third Sector: Nominet Trust offers grants for charities to improve their websites
25/04/2013 – The Register: O2 to turn your innocent nipper into Silicon Roundabout hipster
08/04/2013 – BBC: Gransnet local service aims to bring over-50s closer
14/02/2013 – TechWeekEurope: Cabinet Office Announces Funding For “Social Incubators”
24/01/2013 – Onrec: More than £1 million to support young people
19/11/2012: – Independent: Munch Poke Ping: Why we need to help excluded young people stay safe online
16/11/2012 – Guardian: Hyperlocalising news – HypARlocal (funded by Nesta and Nominet Trust)
15/11/2012 – Guardian: Digital literacy must become an essential part of the ICT curriculum
15/11/2012 – Independent: The Digital Makers: Investing in the next generation of technological whizz-kids
12/11/2012 – HuffingtonPost: Cracking the Code of a Digitally Literate Generation
09/11/2012 – Digital Makers invests in a digital future
08/11/2012 – Inquirer: Mozilla puts £25,000 towards UK Digital Makers fund
07/11/2012 – EveningTimes: Pop in to pop up internet exhibition
01/11/2012 – NominetTrust: Investment criteria of the Nominet Trust (post undated)

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